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Welcome to Biz Tech Agency! We’re a team of experts in content writing, marketing, guest blogging,
and organic link-building services. With both local and international experience,
our crew has at least 3 years of marketing skills each.


Micheal Chukwube

Hi, I’m Micheal Chukwube, the founder of Biz Tech Agency. With 3 years of experience in PR, content writing, and SEO strategy, I possess the expertise to craft outstanding content spanning diverse industries. My main aim is to help businesses connect with their audience through compelling stories. I’ve also written for big publications like Techopedia, Readwrite, Infosecurity-magazine, Dzone, HackerNoon, and more. I’ve had the pleasure of working with several e-commerce and tech companies. Let’s collaborate and make great content together!
We’re all about quality service, dedicating our time to provide you with all the help you need. Your business is crucial to us, and we always strive for the best.

SEO can be tricky, especially in organic content marketing and link building. It’s a big deal in our world, and we’ve got it covered with experts in different categories. Thanks to our flexibility and connections with top-notch publications in various niches, we’re ahead of the game.
● We Listen: Your needs come first. No rushing, just attentive listening and understanding.

● Long-Term Connections: We’re not just about business; we’re about building lasting relationships.

● Expert Network: Our team includes both in-house and external pros because experience matters.

● Crush the Competition: We love helping you outshine your rivals – it’s what we do best!

● Guidance Galore: Unlike the rest, we guide you through the ropes, sharing all the details you need.

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